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Lies of P

At lyve eller dø? Det er spørgsmålet - Lies of P Interview

Lies of P Instruktør Jiwon Choi chattede med os om historien, kampene og det utrolige design bag den spændende nye Soulslike.

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone, welcome back to Gamescom. I'm Alex with Gamereactor and we've just checked out Lies of P.
Basically, we're chatting here with the game director and the first thing I want to kick off with is actually a bit of a misconception.
A lot of people look at this game, they think it's sort of set in the Victorian era, when actually, as a history book myself, it's more Belle Époque."

"It's more sort of got that French influence. Could you talk a bit about that and how that translates into the wider world of the game and from a visual design point?
So the steampunk or Victorian era were already used too often in the games or other movies.
So we wanted to give new vibe and new atmosphere to the users and players to give, to show more sides of it."

"So that's why we came up with the Belle Époque era. And if you think of Belle Époque era, you think of the romantic time or any other things than dark.
But we wanted to give our own color to it. So we emphasized the dark side of it.
There is this sort of romantic aspect of Belle Époque when people look at it.
And something that's definitely not, I suppose, well, might be through more in the game as we go on."

"But Lies of P starts off looking very bleak and its world appears very dark.
Could you talk a bit more about this darker take on Pinocchio and how that's going to be sort of in the world?
So our aim for developing Phase was we wanted to make something already familiar, but in our own way, make it in our own way.
So if you look into original Pinocchio, it's already pretty dark than you think."

"And if you look into it, it's also for adults, not only for children.
So when we took the theme of Pinocchio, we wanted to focus on the dark side of it and adding our colors.
So we made it darker and even grotesque to the game.
Perfect. And something else that runs through the world and through the story themes is this theme of lying."

"It's in the title of the game. It's in the game a lot.
Even in the loading screen, we're talking about now lying.
How does this theme of lying correlate to the story and sort of the world at large?
So the lying is key point of anything about our game."

"It leads to any step of our story.
So that's why we wanted to give a message to the user to think about what humanity is.
So lying is a behavior that only human can do.
So every time the users have to make a decision that will lead to another ending, they have to think if they have to lie or not in this situation."

"And something else, I suppose it's less moving on towards more gameplay and less of the theme of the story in the world.
Something that I noticed while I was playing and from playing beforehand is there seems to be a big focus on rhythm almost in music.
It feels like when you're dodging, you're dodging to a certain rhythm."

"Is that something you guys were hoping for when you were making the combat or is there sort of something else deeper within that?
So the rhythm and balance and music and sound and everything was what we intended in this game.
So when they were developing, audio and sound was as significant as the visual in the developing phase."

"So when you're also the rhythm, when you're seeing some easy monsters and that comes right after hard monsters and then easy monsters.
So it's switching and it's keeping the tension and the rhythm for the players to not make the game lose.
So if you look into our trailers, you can see all the music and sound, the rhythm that we focused on this game."

"So you will get to enjoy all the rhythms and sound and music that we put hard work into.
And so just another point on the gameplay then is this is a soul slide which to some people will create a lot of ideas of difficulty.
And it does have, it is tougher than I would say the average game but it's not necessarily going to make you want to throw a controller over the wall."

"It has a nice pace to it, it's very sort of well adjusted and it doesn't feel like it's going to be rage inducing.
How have you guys sort of balanced the level of difficulty with also making it enjoyable to play?
So the level design was also intended with this balance and usually soul slide games are notorious for its difficult level and we wanted to make it more approachable for beginners who are not so familiar with this game."

"So in the beginning of the game, it might feel more approachable.
Just finally then, when can people get their hands on Lies of Pi and what platforms is it on?
So you can meet the Lies of Pi and it's an amazing story on 19th of September and it will be released on PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S and also on Game Pass and also on PC platform Steam."

"And the PC on Steam! Perfect, September 19th, check it out."