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Cat Quest III: Pirates of the Purribean

Cat Quest III: Pirates of the Purribean (Gamescom 2023) - Vi "hale" havene!

Tag dit plaster på for at møde Pi-rotterne, og se denne video for at finde ud af, hvad der er vores indtryk af dette søde actionrollespil!

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new Gamereactor Gamescom Impressions video.
I really wanted to record this video because I'm going to talk about my highlight of Gamescom 2023, which was Cat Quest Pirates of the Perivian.
Cat Quest Pirates of the Perivian is an action role-playing game in which we will have to find the most desired treasure among all the pirates of the Perivian, which is the Northern Star."

"Although obviously it's not going to be an easy task because the fearsome Pirate King and its Pirate Minions will follow our steps very closely and will try to make all these, as I've said, Pirate Minions finish us off.
However, and obviously as a good RPG, we will be getting stronger and getting better equipment and skills to be able to face all these dangers that the seas have in store for us.
We will start with just a sword, a long-range weapon and a magic spell that will be very useful to get rid of all of them at the beginning, but obviously we will need much more equipment to give us more defense, more health points and even more passive abilities in the form of patches, hats and other pirate-themed items that fit perfectly with the theme of the game."

"Well, with the theme of the game, the story and the environment in general.
And maybe if you've watched the reveal trailer that was released, I think, just yesterday, although it's a new title, it may look like its predecessors, but I have to tell you that obviously we have a new story, new environments and new interesting mechanics, such as the control of the ship.
In general, I would say that this main difference and main mechanic of the game, because everything is set in the Caribbean, in the seas, this new mechanic works very well."

"And it's really easy to get used to the controls and it's very satisfying to just control the ship.
There's nothing clumsy or doesn't feel heavy at all or clunky to just move the ship.
In fact, I would say that it's quite the opposite. We can move our ship so fast that we can almost skate on the seas.
Actually, the developers of the title confirmed us that this fluidity was something very premeditated."

"They had really clear what they wanted to do and they had really clear that they wanted to offer a pirate theme for this title.
And just because of that, they knew that they would have to incorporate a ship in the game, but they didn't want the experience to interfere with all this fluid exploration or the fluidity of the game itself.
Something that I have to admit that I'm infinitely grateful for. So thank you from here, because it was amazing to just control the ship and not feel that it's heavy or tough to control at all."

"But I have another feature that really caught my attention in this new title of the series and I wanted to talk about that.
It's that the North Star, the main goal and our final objective in the game, is in a specific place from the very beginning of the story.
I mean, we don't have to complete any event to just get the star or just to end the game."

"So if we wanted to, and if we knew obviously where the star was, we could go directly to its location and we could skip a lot of battles, a lot of mysteries, a lot of sidequests.
We could skip almost everything. We could skip all the things that maybe not everyone's interested in.
But even knowing that the treasure is there and that we could skip all these parts of the game, the game itself encourages you to explore every corner and every little island."

"And I think that's the essence and the magic of this title. The point of it doesn't matter, it's important of course, but it doesn't matter the final objective or the main goal.
It's just the journey, it's just the exploration, it's just the adventure and you want it to just play everything, explore everything, getting to know every character because the game just encourages you to do that.
And that's exactly what the developers wanted with this game. They wanted the player to enjoy the experience of just sailing around the sea."

"They wanted the player to just discover different secrets, to talk to different NPCs, to go deeper into their story or even discover new sidequests which you can't do if you don't talk to them directly because there's no icon in the game that's going to tell you if an NPC has a sidequest or not.
There are no exclamation marks, there are no question marks, there's nothing."

"They wanted the player to be involved in the story and in case that you're involved in the story and you're actually interested in the universe, in their characters, etc.
Just, I don't know, just force yourself or encourage yourself to just talk to everyone so you can get the most out of this pirate experience.
But they didn't want you to... how can I say it? They didn't want to force you to do anything."

"They wanted you to want to explore the universe, okay? It's basically that.
And obviously they understand that there are people that are not interested in delving so deep into this universe or who simply just want to enjoy a quick adventure without thinking about anything else.
So they offer us both a broad and guided experience in which we can get lost and get the most out of our adventure."

"And the other one that will allow us to go to the end of it if we're not interested in anything else and if we have the keys to just get to the end of it.
Because obviously you have to know where the star is and they're not going to tell you from the very beginning.
It is there but you have to discover the keys to just get there, okay?
But you can skip a lot of parts just if you want to focus on that."

"Personally, and I would say just as a conclusion, I think that if you like pirate adventures or if you like the previous titles in this series or even if you like adventures where you can just get lost in order to find all the treasures or discover all the corners of the map, you will really enjoy this title.
I mean, it's an adventure that offers you a lot of freedom in a very simple way that I think it doesn't need to overwhelm any player, okay?
Everything's very simple, very clear, so you don't have to feel overwhelmed to just want to explore everything."

"It's just the universe is going to grab your attention and you'll want to just explore everything, so don't worry for that.
Because I usually feel overwhelmed if it's a big map with a lot of things and they don't tell me where to go or I don't have clearly the side quests, etc.
And I didn't feel that in this game at all, so there you have it."

"Well, I have to say that it's also full of cute details, full of world games that will make you smile on more than one occasion, for sure.
It's full of interesting and even challenging combats on more than one occasion and all in a clear and beautiful environment that will allow you to see what's around you at all times, okay?
You have everything, everything's visible."

"You have all the islands that surround you clearly showing you what they have inside.
If there's a treasure, if there are enemies, if there's a cave, if there's a dungeon, okay?
You have everything just at hand to decide if you want to go there or not.
So, well, if you've been interested in everything that I've told you about the title, if its visuals just catch your attention or if you just like a pirate adventure, don't hesitate to give this title a chance."

"At some point, at some time in 2024, okay, which is when it's going to be released, it's planned to be released in 2024, and it will be available on most old platforms, so that's it.
Don't hesitate to give it a try, please, because I think it's going to be a super cool adventure to just enjoy for a couple of hours.
But if you want to dive into the game, I think it's going to entertain you a lot, okay?
Well, and that will be it for today. Thank you so much for watching this video."

"I really hope that the title grabbed your attention as much as it grabbed mine, because, as I've said, I have to admit that this game was one of my favorites of Gamescom 2023.
So, don't hesitate to just give it a try once it's released, and don't hesitate to keep an eye on the next ones to come, and don't hesitate to discover a lot of titles that will be released later this year or next year, and that we will get into details for you in this kind of video.
So, there you go. Thank you so much for being here. See you in the next Game Reactor Gamescom video. Bye-bye!"