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Netatmo Video Doorbell (Quick Look)

En smart måde for dig og din familie at føle sig trygge hjemme

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
Thanks to HomePods launching in the Nordics, there is an influx of products which uses mainly, not exclusively, but mainly Apple's HomeKit, smart home technology, in order to set up itself and create the versatile hub for your various bits and bobs at home."

"This is the Netatmo Video Doorbell.
It's one of the products that we've gotten from Netatmo.
They have a whole ecosystem of products that we can't wait to show you, but the Video Doorbell is just one of them."

"Now the Video Doorbell here uses Apple HomeKit back at my house.
What that basically means is that I can get notifications from Apple's HomeKit setup on my smartwatch, on my phone, on my iPad, on my iMac.
It basically works completely fluently across all my Apple devices that I have in my household."

"Not only that, if someone presses this button, which is a regular doorbell button, not only will it emit its own sound, it will also ring on the HomePods that we have installed at home.
So there is a really sort of fluent and versatile integration into Apple's smart home system that I don't think is replicated well enough over at Google's house."

"So whether or not it will remain competitive also depends on how Apple squashes bugs, updates user interfaces, but right now I can say that I prefer HomeKit to Google Home, which is actually quite a big statement indeed.
So how is this doorbell in general?
Well, it's quite nice."

"I think it's sleeker and maybe, I don't know if this matters to other people as much as me, but I really like that it looks like a regular sort of semi-posh doorbell.
I think a lot of video doorbells look too out of place.
It kind of looks like someone took a smartphone gadget and just sort of bolted to the wall, particularly when there was this bright white."

"This blends very well into our doorframe at home and it was very easy to just buy a piece of sort of black cable channel and hide the cable.
Speaking of cable, this is not wireless, at least not at our home.
It can either grab a micro USB port, which is fun, which basically means that you can just buy a really long micro USB port."

"It apparently gets the charge from there, even though that they themselves sell a power adapter, but I don't know if that will keep on happening.
You can buy that power adapter, which has a really long cable, or you can use existing doorbell wiring if you have that in your doorframe at home already, it works on that out of the box as well."

"Note when we ran it with the AC adapter, which basically means that we just use a regular plug at home and then it runs straight into sort of the mold that this fits in that you screw into the doorframe.
And the setup has been kind of nice."

"I think Netatmo's own software works very well.
It immediately catched on to, I was trying to set up the doorbell, asked me to pair it with my Wi-Fi, which I did, the main problem then came when I had to tie it into Apple's HomeKit."

"Now, I don't know if you've ever used HomeKit before, but when you set something up with Google Home, it will sense that it's there and it will say, hey, you're trying to set up a doorbell.
Is that the doorbell that you want to set up?
You say yes."

"And then it kind of takes over from there.
There's some low emitting signals, either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi from the beginning, which lets you do that.
Apple's entryway into HomeKit is this."

"It's kind of a QR code.
You can either scan the QR code with your phone or you can use the code that is written inside the QR code.
So you might be thinking, well, what if this sticker falls off?
Well, then you're fucked basically."

"And not only that, it doesn't work half the time.
I had to really wrangle this into position in order to work.
But that's actually not Netatmo's fault and mostly Apple's.
So the point is, once it's up there, it works really well."

"Whenever someone is calling, it will immediately show me a video feed.
It will ring buzz on the HomePods and I'll be able to respond if I'm not home through my iPhone, through Apple's own system interface, not an app.
So that's really nice as well."

"And I think the video, which is 1080p at HDR with advanced encryption, works very well.
This obviously can take wind and rain.
It's IP44 certified.
So I think that it is actually a really nice investment."

"If you are using HomeKit, this would be the way to go.
So thank you so much for watching."